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We match a school's students to social media (e.g., Twitter) accounts, collect the students' postings, and then apply natural language processing to identify and rank students according to interests, moods, behaviors, and concerns. Schools then use this information to improve retention rates, increase student success rates, enhance campus safety and well-being, and monitor performance of campus programs.


Nth-Degree's base package includes monitoring for Retention/Attrition Risk, Academic Non-Performance, Aggression & Violence, Alcohol & Drugs, Athletics Interest, Depression, Intolerance (racial, sexual, ethnic), Campus Complaints, School Pride, and Stress. Options for custom tracking on other topics are available!

Monitor Trends

The School Sentiment Dashboard lets schools follow sentiment trends over time. This way administrators can track, for example, whether student stress on campus is increasing at certain times during the semester or if an initiative to reduce underage drinking is having any impact.

At-Risk Students

Using the School Sentiment Dashboard administrators can identify specific students who are at risk for depression or suicide, who are routinely skipping classes, who are under extreme stress, or who might be aggressive or violent. Identifying these students in real-time gives schools the opportunity to act early, before problems become more serious.

Look Up Students

Administrators can look up any student and obtain that student's scores for all sentiments at once, getting a complete profile of the student. Think of it as a background check that covers dimensions that would otherwise be nearly impossible to collect and measure with conventional reporting tools. When merged with a school's own "watch list" the School Sentiment tool takes student programs to a whole new level.

Comparison Groups

Graphs showing sentiment trends over time also display a benchmark from peer schools, so schools can know whether their school is above, below, or average to its peers on a sentiment. Does your school have pride? See how it compares to its peers! In addition, a school can also break out results by graduating class, college, or other meaningful segmentations.


The School Sentiment Dashboard serves multiple campus programs.

Retention & Student Success

Students are scored according to attrition risk as well as risk of poor academic behavior, such as skipping or failing classes.

Student Health & Well-Being

Students at risk of depression or suicide are flagged and can be sought out for closer assessment or intervention by campus professionals. Students already seeking help can be more closely monitored.

Safety & Security

Students making violent or aggressive posts are promptly flagged. Students making intolerant comments about another's race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation are also recorded.


Schools are able to monitor how their programs and communications are being received by the student body in real-time and through an unbiased lens.

Issue Awareness

Campus concerns and complaints are caught before they grow into bigger problems.

Athletics, Campus Initiatives

Identify your super fans for event promotions. Track interest in the big game. Witness reactions to new initiatives.

Student Recruitment

Find the hottest leads for prospective students. Hear their impressions directly and in real-time. (coming soon as a separate product!)

Alumni Support

Track legacy interest, target donors, and listen to what your alumni are saying about your school (coming soon as a separate product!)


We only collect whatever students makes public on their social network accounts. In other words, we are only monitoring public speech. Posts and accounts that are marked private by a student are inaccessible and therefore not collected. Access to data reported in the School Sentiment Dashboard is controlled by an administrator account set up for the school (see "Who has access?" question below).
We only require that participating schools provide active student directory information. Under FERPA, there is no dispute that schools are permitted to share such data.
Each school is assigned an administrative account where the school's administrator manages which users within the school can see particular sentiments and whether a user has access to individual student records and posts.
Typically, nightly. However, product options are available for clients needing more frequent updates.
Amazingly accurate! Even after building advanced analytics tools for some of world's largest tech firms, we surprised ourselves by the initial accuracy of what we built. And our data scientists are continually working on improvements to the algorithms, lowering the already small rates of false positives and false negatives. That said, no tool is perfect. Non-English posts are scored less well. Infrequently used expressions can slip through the scoring algorithms. Students with common or similar names are occasionally mapped to incorrect social media accounts. We’re honest about these short-comings both because we have integrity and because the tool is truly amazing despite these challenges. Try it and see for yourself!
Rates vary depending on the character of the school and the types of students, but approximately 10-25% of students have publicly accessible social media accounts that we are able to map to specific individuals and score posts accordingly.
Rates are a function of both a fixed-cost component and student body size. Please contact a sales associate for details.
Absolutely! Please email us at info@schoolsentiment.com or call us at 866-308-6358 for details.
Rarely issues arise that need support, but we're always there should the need come up. Clients get a direct line to a specifically asigned person on our team who maintains the relationship with the client throughout the contract, and clients can escalate issues all the way to company president if necessary. After all, we're all about listening.
Thank you for your interest! Please emails us at schoolsentiment@nth-degree.com or speak to one of our team at 866-308-6358


Our tools are all about the value of listening, but we can appreciate that seeing is believing. To that end, we've created a demo system for users to try out Nth-Degree's School Sentiment tool and experience first-hand how easy the system is to use and how powerful the results can be. To see the demo for yourself please contact us at info@schoolsentiment.com, and a team member will get in touch with you promptly to create a demo account for you.


Contact Us

For specific questions on our School Sentiment tools, please feel free to reach us by phone or email.


Nth-Degree is always looking for strong researchers and software engineers who communicate well to non-technical audiences, are socially engaging, and have an appetite for collaborative development. A doctoral degree or substantial technical experience is generally required.

For inquiries, please drop a note to hr@nth-degree.com. Principals only, please.

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